October 2007

Gavin Newsom today appointed Rick Swig as the new head of the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency. The Redevelopment Agency is responsible for improving the environment of the city and to create better living urban living conditions throught the removal of blight.  The San Francisco Board of Supervisors designate what areas are redevelopment projects.

 To date, these areas include, but are not limited to,  South Beach, South of Market, Mission Bay, Transbay, Hunters Point, Western Addition, the Federal Office Building.  The momentum in these areas is significant and my support goes to Rick Swig.

 For a complete list of Redevelopment Projects, go to http://sfgov.org/site/sfra_index.asp?id=4529.



Union Bank and Bank of America both state the risk of a recession in California is limited. The reason? The job growth fueled by the high tech sector. Gotta love Silicon Valley and San Francisco. “The tech sector has a unique business cycle and pretty much marches to its own drum”, according to a senior economist with Union Bank. I liken San Francisco to Florence, Italy. We live in a hotbed of innovation and creativity. Of course, we also ive in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Why would anyone want to leave their heart in San Francsico – just stay here with it.



The American Planning Association voted North Beach to be one of the 10 Best Neighborhoods in San Francisco. Wow. It is one of the most vibrant neighborhoods with a strong community base, gorgeous architecture and noone can ignore the myriad of restaurants, pubs, and coffee shops. You can start your day by having breakfast at one of the tasty Italian bakeries and end your day with a nightcap at Tosca (where you may be lucky enough to rub elbows with the likes of Sean Penn).

 So what is the real estate like in North Beach?

According to recent stats on the San Francisco MLS, 46 condos have sold in North Beach since January ’07 at an average sales price of $828,000. North Beach is selling at 100.65% of the original list price.  The average sales price in ’06 was under $800,000. Not bad. Slump?

I welcome your comments on what it is like to live in North Beach!