April 2008


Coming from the National Association of Realtors, I thought this would be interesting to all home buyers and sellers!





The San Francisco real estate market has its peak and valleys. Clearly the valleys are not as deep or devastating as the outlying areas of San Francisco, and we are quite blessed to be living and owning real estate in this city.  Of course, there are certain neighborhoods in the city that may be a bit more weatherbeaten than others, but take heart. The longer you own, the better off you are. The attached chart demonstrates what can happen over several cycles.  You can see the overall pace of growth of single family homes for past 30 years in San Francisco.


Everything goes in cycles.  Buy for the long term. Just think what your home could be worth 30 years from today!

Stay tuned for more stats on property sales.



San Francisco\'s Ferry Building Farmer\'s MarketI just finished Michael Pollan’s ‘In Defense of Food’ and ‘Omnivore’s Dilemna’.  As I write a lot about how to green your San Francisco home it is natural that I am looking for ways to green my own self, if there is such a thing. The premise in Michael Pollan’s book is simple, ‘Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.’ Food that is ‘enriched’ is not food. Food with ingredients that have more than 5 syllables, is not food. Look at bread labels – last time I checked bread was made with flour, yeast, water, and butter. Peruse some of the labels on ‘enriched breads’ and you will find ingredients that are unpronounceable.  Is that food?

Visit San Francisco’s farmers markets.  Get back to basics, whole foods, whole grains, local (and seasonal) organic fruits and vegetables, and get educated about organic meats. For example, free range chicken many times means the chicken has a tiny dirt area to run around in for a very limited time. This is a big subject that could be written about at length but hopefully this will spur one to research further.

Pollan’s recommendations:

Pay more, eat less. Buy the higher quality organic foods (which cost more) but overall you will be more satieted and eat less.

Eat meals. Not at your desk. Eat meals with others.

Buy a standalone freezer. It holds more food than a traditional refrigerator freezer so that you can buy in bulk at farmer’s markets and preserve the food. Studies show you can freeze food and not lose as many nutrients as previously believed.

Bless your food. You’ll eat less (so they say). A preschooler shared this saying with me recently. ‘We love our bread, we love our butter. But most of all, we love each other!’

Green your San Francisco home and while you are at it, green your body! If you choose to live in a green, healthy environment, why stop there? Look at the quality of your food intake. You will be more satieted, possibly eat less and who knows, lose a few pounds while you’re at it. I would bet there is a connection to healthy eating and better quality sleep too.  That’s my guess and my hope as well.




Presdio 10 Miler/10KI ran the Guardsmen Presidio 10 Miler/10K this morning in San Francisco’s Presidio.  We ran over the Golden Gate Bridge and back (I just ran the 10K) and finished in Crissy Field. I’ve run many races in my time but never have I seen such an array of quality post party food and product giveaways such as breakfast burritos from Asquew, coffee from Peet’s, giveaways of Accelerade drink and San Francisco Magazine, oh and even a free Bloody Mary drink if you felt so inclined. But what really caught my attention was the complimentary bottle of a hand sanitizer from Method and the brochure on how to ‘Detox Your Home’.  If you are unfamiliar with Method, please pay attention! Method develops non toxic, planet friendly cleaning products that smell fantastic. And now, they have a handy ‘Detox your Home’ brochure that I will summarize for all you San Francisco and Marin homeowners.

Cleaning can be gentle on your eyes. Do you ever clean and get stinging eyes or burning lungs from the smell of the cleaning product? That’s your body reacting badly to the chemicals. Method’s products are friendly to the body.

You are naked under your clothes. Hmm….so it makes sense you may want a non toxic laundry detergent cleaning your clothes. Method deveops a detergent with products you wouldn’t mind wearing.

Your kid knows what your tile tastes like. Method believes cleaners should be safe for your bare hands (or your bare kids). And that goes for your floors too. Kids are down on the floor all the time. Just think what they must be sampling…At least with Method products you know you are cleaning with toxic free cleansers.

If you own a San Francisco property, a condo, single family home, commercial property or if you are a Marin homeowner, you will be pleased to know the Method founders live right here in our own backyard.

A consistent question I pose…Do we live in paradise or what?





There are very simple steps you can take to green your home. The benefits are unlimited, saving on energy bills, conserving our resources, and it even can make your home more marketable if you are thinking of selling your home in San Francisco.

A few simple steps:

Use low ‘VOC’ paints – (paints with low volatile organic compounds)

Install low flow water fixtures

Put in low water plants

Install a programmable thermostat

Upgrade to Energy Star appliances

And when you shower, reduce your shower temperature. You’d be surprised the impact that has on your heating bill. For example, reducing your shower temperature from 140 degrees to 120 degrees could shave 6-10% off your heating bill!

 Stay tuned for more ways to green your San Francisco home!