There are very simple steps you can take to green your home. The benefits are unlimited, saving on energy bills, conserving our resources, and it even can make your home more marketable if you are thinking of selling your home in San Francisco.

A few simple steps:

Use low ‘VOC’ paints – (paints with low volatile organic compounds)

Install low flow water fixtures

Put in low water plants

Install a programmable thermostat

Upgrade to Energy Star appliances

And when you shower, reduce your shower temperature. You’d be surprised the impact that has on your heating bill. For example, reducing your shower temperature from 140 degrees to 120 degrees could shave 6-10% off your heating bill!

 Stay tuned for more ways to green your San Francisco home!


san_francisco_federal_building.jpgToday, Thursday, March 20th, was one of those glorious sun filled days in San Francsico where you just wanted to pinch yourself to appreciate you live in paradise. In San Francisco. Or in a slice of heaven. And look what wonderful things our Building Inspection Commission is doing to bring San Francisco to a greener city. They just approved to send green building standards to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.  If the supes agree on these standards, then Mayor Newsom will sign them into law.  This Chronicle article explains this in a wonderful way. Basically developers would have until 2012 to comply with the new codes. And there are ways to green the existing building you live in. I just love this since there is relatively little new construction happening in the city so most residents have an older structure to try and ‘green’ (if motivated). Here’s what one can do:

Install solar panels (reduce the use of electric and gas utilities)

Companies can encourage employees to ride bikes to work by allowing large bike storage rooms (less cars on the road, less gas used, cleaner air)

Landscapers can use plants and flowers that do not require a lot of watering (preserves a natural resource)

Remodeling companies can use recycled wood and other products in homes. You should see some the quality of these products! Check out for recommendations.

Have you seen the Federal Building on 7th Street? You may have been struck by the style of architecture. One of the many goals of a green building is to maximize the amount of light that can enter a building to reduce the use of electricity.  That Federal Building is a prime example of a green building maximizing light!

 I feel truly blessed to be living in San Francisco and it was its temperate weather and environment that drew me here years ago from the East Coast. It started as a simple dream, I just wanted to be able to run year round. I now want to run year round and preserve this phenomenal environment we live in.

 A slice of heaven all over San Francisco! Can you imagine owning property anywhere else? 🙂

The Fed has made another move and the stock market has responded positively. San Francisco real estate continues to have multiple offers on many properties and homeowners are still coming out ahead on most deals in spite of the negative press out there. The idea is to buy wisely and if selling, price accordingly. We are in a different market than the last few years but it is still possible to come out ahead in San Francisco real estate as long as one seeks the right guidance and counsel.

But I digress from the green theme.  There is a valuable blog out there for all of you venturing into a green business. It is  The posts are insightful, informative and overall, inspiring.  Stay tuned for more on green living, as the living is easy!

San Francisco St. Patrick’s DaySt. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow upon us and of course my mind turns to all things green. I came across this site Feeling the need to green your home? Interested in finding a green architect, or more information on green products for remodeling, or even how to have cleaner air? Just click on and check out the robust site full of information.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Beginning last Thursday (9/20.07) San Francisco was the site for the West Coast Green Conference. Thousands of participants attended the conference to listen to diverse speakers, view the latest in green home remodeling products and green technology. The big attention getter was the Michele Kaufman newest modular home that sat on the grounds of the Bill Graham Civic Center across from City Hall.  It was an innovative home with 1BR, 1BA,  recycled hardwood floors throughout, recycled glass tile in the bath, LED lights, a gray-water system that collects water from sinks and the shower and recirculates it to toilets, an energy-saving “on-demand” water heater and native landscaping. All topped off by a rectangular roof with a full garden.  Just pick up the house and drop it on a lot of land in Sonoma,  perfect for entertaining! And good for the environment!