Marina Homes

Marina Homes

The Marina is one of the more beautiful areas in San Francisco with outstanding views of the Bay. The sales in 2008 supported the desirability of this area.

Sale #1: 767 Marina Boulevard @ Baker. This panoramic view home has 4BR, 3.5BA, 3 fireplaces, decks, skylights and has been extensively renovated. It was listed for $4,950,000 and closed for $4,700,000 after 54 days on the market.

Sale #2: 2427 Bay St @ Baker/Lyon. This is a Mediterranean view home with views of the Palace of Fine Arts. It has 4BR, 3.5BA, and was listed for $3,995,000. It closed on 8/28/08 for and even $4,000,000. Rapid fire marketing period, only 9 days!

Sale #3:  455 Marina Boulevard @ Scott a 3BR, 3.5BA view home.  It sold for $3,900,000 after being marketed for 54 days. The original list price was $3,950,000.

Sale #4:  2015  Jefferson @ Baker. A lovely 4 level home with 4BR and 4BA.  This home came on the market in early January and sold in just 22 days for $3,400,000 off the original list price of $3,500,000.

Sale #5:  827 Marina Boulevard @ Baker. You had to move quick to purchase this home as it sold in 6 days! 4BR, 4.5BA, views of Marin and Alcatraz, why would you wait? It was listed and sold for $2,995,000.

Want to know more? Contact me.  2009 should prove to have very interesting tales of sales.

This information was gathered from the SFAR MLS.

Presidio Wall

Presidio Wall

Presidio Heights is a very lush neighborhood close to the greenery of the Presidio. It is adjacent to Pacific Heights and Laurel Heights and commands some of the highest real estate sales in the city.

The top 5 sales in 2008 started with,

#1 Sale: 3641 Clay @ Locust. A beautiful 5BR, 4.5BA home with architectural details throughout and a lovely garden. It was listed for $8,500,000 and after 49 days on the market it closed for $8,250,000.

#2 Sale: 3370 Washington @ Walnut, a 5BR, 4.5BA Victorian with 4 levels, spacious interiors, tall windows, deck and more. It was listed for $6,495,000 and the closing price is confidential. It sold in just 35 days so the offering price must have been very attractive for it to close within 5 weeks.

#3 Sale: 3460 Clay @ Locust.  This home has 6BR, 3.5BA that was originally listed for $4,200,000 and closed in February for $3,700,000 after just 10 days on the market.  Very impressive!

Sale #4: 1 Locust @ Pacific. Another home that sold very quickly in only 8 days!  This extensively remodeled 4BR, 4.5BA home offers grand entertaining spaces including a gym and media room. Offered at $5,600,000 and it closed in June for $5,975,000.

Sale #5: 3855 Jackson @ Cherry. Demonstrating the desirability of the Presidio Heights neighborhood yet again, this 5BR, 5BA home sold in 5 days! It was listed for $5,995,000 and closed in May for $5,900,000.

Presidio Heights not only commanded some of the highest prices in the city, it also commands some of the fastest sales.

If you would like more information about the sales in Presidio Heights, contact me.

Russian Hill

Russian Hill

The #1 top list price in Russian Hill in 2008 was $9,500,000! The property is 2705 Larkin @ Chestnut, a 4BR, 6BA home that was whisked off the market in just 8 days in early February. The closing sales price is confidential as are many on this list but with the speed in which this home closed, one can assume it the offer was high enough for such a quick sale!

The #2 top list price was a Gothic Tudor at 898 Francisco @ Hyde listed for $7,700,000. This very unique home has 6BR, 6.5BA and was on the market for 424 days (a year and 2 months). The Seller had a very strong personality and very creative taste in furnishings and decor. Not for your average homeowner!  Final sales price undisclosed. 

The #3 Top listed Russian Hill home is 2502 Leavenworth @ Francisco. On the market for 87 days for a cool $5,995,000 and closed for $5,500,000. That buys you a gorgeous 5BR, 4.5BA home!

The #4 Top listed Russian Hill home is 1071 Vallejo @ Jones listed for $6,500,000 and closed for $5,300,000. This is also 5BR, 4.5BA and was listed for 663 days.  How long is that? 1.8 years! Patience!

And the #5 top listed home is a 3BR, 3.5BA at 844 Bay @ Hyde. It closed on a auspicious date, 8/08/08 after being marketed for 133 days. It closed at $4,600,000 from a list price of $5,249,000.

This list does not include properties that were not publicly on the market. If you would like to learn more about luxury properties in San Francisco, contact me.

All of this information was gathered from the SFAR MLS.

Pacific Heights

Pacific Heights

The top 5 residential sales in Pacific Heights in 2008 all took place between the months of May-July. Scott Street was an especially popular location as two of the top five home sales were on this street.  To clarify this list, it includes the top listed properties. A few of these closing prices are confidential and they have to remain confidential.

*Sale #1:  2515 Scott Street @ Pacific, is an 8BR, 11BA home originally listed for $19,750,000 closed for $18,00,000 after 180 days on the market.

And right down the block,

Sale #2:  2504 Scott Street @ Pacific was listed for $14,000,000 and closed for an undisclosed sum is a 6BR, 6.5BA home.  This one was only on the market for 37 days.

Moving along to….

Sale #3:  2663 Divisadero @ Vallejo, a 5BR, 5.5BA home listed for $8,950,000 closed after 35 days on the market also for an undisclosed sum.


Sale #4: 1994 Jackson @ Octavia was on the market for 83 days was listed for $6.995,000. It has 4BR, 5BA, and it also closed for an undisclosed sales figure.

And just for $5,000 less,

Sale #5:  2355 Washington @ Buchanan with 6BR, 5.5BA was listed and closed for $6,990,000 after just 25 days on the market.  This one  got snapped right up!

What would have the sales figures looked like if these homes were put on the market this past October as the financial crisis reared its ugly head? There are some luxury homes on the market right now that I am monitoring.   Contact me  if you would like more detail on these properties.

*This info has been gathered from the SFAR MLS.

As of December 20, 2008 the highest sale in Pacific Heights is a gorgeous 6 bedroom, 11 bathroom home with 6 cars located at 2515 Scott Street.  Originally it was listed for $19,750,000 and closed for $18,000,000.  11 days left of the year….will there be another sale in Pacific Heights to top this one?

Today’s Chron article sums it up well. San Francisco is feeling the pain of the real estate meltdown. It’s now the buyer’s turn.  While we all want to find out if we have hit bottom or not noone will ever really know until we start climbing back up. This softening may last a few more months or well into 2009. Either way those that buy now have the best chance to invest in property at a discount. My two cents….look now for a home. One is bound to capture your eye and you will likely get it at a price lower than you would last year at this time.

It is safe to say we are in a buyer’s market in San Francisco. There are a few buyers out there aggressively looking for that right home. Other buyers are sitting on the fence. Is the market going to decline further? Or has there been enough softening to indicate that there is value in purchasing a home today?

Time is on one’s side whenever a real estate purchase is made. This recent NYT article  sums it up well. Ten years from now we will look back at this period as the golden age to purchase real estate. 

Talk to your lender/mortgage broker. Find out what you can qualify for.