February 2008

President Bush signed the $168B Stimulus Package .  For homeowners, this is signficiant. The jumbo loan limit (that has very attractive interest rates) has been temporarily raised from $417,000 to $729,750 for high cost areas such as California for loans originated between July 1, 2007 and December 31, 2008.  That means if you have been on the fence on buying, now is the time to act! And now is the time to refinance. Contact me for information on buying or selling your home or if you need a referral for a top lender.



Think about what San Francisco would look like in the year 2108. Faculty members at California College of the Arts Architecture Program competed in a City of the Future design competition sponsored by History.com .  Imagine what would happen with rising waters, increased population, and no additional land in just 100 years?